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June 8, 2012
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You were shocked. So shocked that you didn't have time to respond before he pulled away, blushing.

"I-I'm sorry… I don't know what I was- you know…" But you smiled and pulled on his shirt, kissing him right back.

"I don't mind." You said. "Not at all." You smiled up at him to see that he had a look of relief on his face. "But-uh… I think we had better get out of here before they find us or something." You said. He nodded, still a little dazed. You were surprised at how calm you were. He liked you back! After all of this time… He really liked you back!

Alfred grabbed your hand and led you to the fence. He easily unlatched it and pulled the two of you through. He went to shut it again, but it suddenly slammed! A loud bang resounded around you. Your eyes widened.

"Who's there?!" Your father called from the back porch. You and Alfred quickly ran across the road, thanking your lucky black outfit that it was almost pitch black outside. Suddenly you tripped over your own foot and sprawled onto the ground. You felt several scrapes on your knees and elbow.

Alfred looked back at you, skidding to a stop, then grabbed you around the waist and carried you under his arm all of the way to the gate of his own house, through it and to the back porch. He set you down on the wooden bench and sat down next to you.

"Well…" he panted. "That was fun." He chuckled a little.  You looked at him.

"Yeah… It was." You said. "Thank you. For everything." You said, leaning back in the bench seat. "I really… appreciate it. And… sorry you had to carry me… like that." You said with a blush.

"Ah it was nothing." He smiled. "I've carried way heavier things than you before." He said. "Even though that's not saying much. What do you weigh? Ten pounds?" He teased. You frowned.

"What have you carried that's heavier than me?" You perked in interest.

"Well… Guns for one thing… and I pulled my brother's car around town one time because he had the keys… and a bull or ox or something when I was a kid. But I can't really remember that very well." He said, looking up as he thought about it. "You'll have to ask my brother about it, he's the one who told me."

"Wow…" You said with wide eyes. You had known he was strong… but holy cow.

"So uh… you like me back I think?" he said, looking at you with anxious blue eyes. You loved his eyes…

"Of course I do. I'm still just shocked that you like me." You said. He frowned.

"Why would you say that?!" he asked with a shocked look, as if what you had just said was completely impossible. You gave him an 'are you serious?' look.

"You could do so much better than me." You sighed. "You're smart… and you're basically the perfect guy… so… why me?" you asked. His eyes softened a bit as he looked at his shoes. An adorable blush played across his cheeks.

"Are you kidding? There is nothing about me that's perfect." He said. "I can't remember one time that I was smart, and you can ask my brother about that." He sighed heavily.

"As soon as I moved into this house, and you brought me those cookies… do you remember that?" He looked at you. You smiled and nodded. You had seen them moving in and saw that they were all guys, so you gave them homemade cookies to eat. (you would never tell them that) "Well as soon as I opened that door, I just… knew I… well…that I loved you." He said. You blushed.  Had he just said…? "And I thought, wow! Someone friendly!  Until here, none of the neighbors really tried to get to know us. They ignored us… except for when Arthur and I fought and they just came to complain… and we never enjoyed good cookies either… you know how my brother is." You giggled and nodded. Arthur's cooking… well… in one word: Ugh.

"Me too." You said. He looked at you. "When you opened the door, I just kind of fell for you." You said. "Your big smile… your eyes… personality… everything about you just stood out to me. And when you started football, I could hardly believe that someone as nice as you could be on the team…" you said. He nodded.

"Yeah… those guys were jerks a lot weren't they?" he sighed. You nodded.

"And that's what made everyone like you. You weren't the average guy like most of them. You were Mr. Perfect. And I thought I never had a chance." You sighed. Silence took over and you both stared at the ground. You wondered if he was going to say something… when he did.

"Well… I thought the same thing about you." He finally sighed. You looked at him, and he was smiling. "You weren't the average girl like most. But you didn't try to grab attention from anyone or things like other girls did. You were…." He searched for the word.

"Ordinary?" you asked. He nodded. You frowned. Well now you knew the truth…

"Sort of… but I would say more… Extra-ordinary." He grinned. You beamed at him. "Sorry… that was cheesy…" He blushed again.

"That- was the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me." You said, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek. He was beginning to turn bright red now… "Thank you."

"No problem." He muttered, touching his cheek where your lips had been. You smiled.

"ALFRED! WHERE DID YOU GO YOU-?!" Suddenly Arthur's voice came from upstairs. You and Alfred cringed.

"Uh oh… he's gonna kill me for this…" Alfred's face paled. You laughed quietly.

"Oh he won't." you said, grabbing his hand. "Unless he forces us to eat something he cooks." You both laughed.

"Indeed!" A voice said from behind you. You both looked back to see a furious looking Arthur standing above you, arms folded and face set. You smiled nervously.
WHOO HOO! I finally got around to getting the next chapter up! Sorry it takes me so long. I'm just going through alot right about now. (graduation. getting a licence... church stuff. You know.... that kind of thing.) Also I felt a little bummed at my own writing cuz I got eliminated in a contest.... which I decided was stupid. Its not like I was eliminated because I sucked, but because I just need to improve! ;P

Anyway! Sorry for rambling like that, I hope you enjoyed the chapter! Sorry if bringing cookies to someone is OOC for you, But when it's America England and Canada, I think all of us would bring them cookies. And this is kind of a confession chapter, but beleive me! It gets more action-y in the next chapter!

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