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May 26, 2012
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"Corsica? But I thought that was a part of Italy…" Alfred said.

"nope!" Feliciano said with a smile. "people do think that though… because its so close!"

"Well, that aside, (y/n)… it's you now." Greece said with a small smile. The cat on his head meowed in agreement to the statement. "What do you know about Corsica?" He asked. You thought for a moment, then sighed.

"Nothing." You admitted. "Although I think my uncle might have vacationed there before."

"I see. Well… we could take you into France's library and see what you can learn. And as with the languages… I suppose lessons are in order aru." China said. Kiku nodded.

"I agree. But I think the history takes priority first." He said. "But that in mind… I think she shourd read abourt the history in America's ribrary first. Seeing as it's in Engrish."

"Oui… I think zat would be best." Francis- or France said. "Until she learns her French… my library iz completely useless to her." He sighed.

You all discussed you learning schedule. Alfred- America- would help you study up on your history and Francis- France- would stay to help you learn some French. China left his phone number for you to call in case you had any questions. Greece did the same, but you wondered if you would even be able to hear him over the phone he was so quiet.

"So- (y/n), you're going to be discharged tomorrow. Obviously your wounds have mostly healed already. So I'll take you home tomorrow. Your flight is to be arranged, but you'll have to stay at my house." He said.

"Wh- what about my parents?" you asked. You hadn't realized it, but they still had yet to make an appearance at the hospital. "What do I tell them?"

There was a silence for a moment. All of the men looked at each other with a look you couldn't quite read. "Guys?" you asked.

Alfred sighed and sat down on the side of your bed. "(y/n)… your parents… and friends…"

"What?" You asked a little apprehensively.

"They all think you're dead (y/n)." Greece said. Your eyes widened and you looked at Alfred in the eyes, to make sure it wasn't a joke. Nope, he was dead. Serious.

"What?!" You finally cried. "But I'm not! I'm alive and they need to know-!" but Ludwig covered your mouth.

"Ve know it's hard, but that's how it vorks. If your family knoves that you are alive und vell, it puts them all in danger. Trust us. It's better this vay." He said. You stared at him, then pushed his hand away.

"It is not! My parents… my family… they think I'm dead… but that's a lie!"

"(y/n)! listen to me!" Alfred said, taking your shoulders into his hands and lightly shaking them. "The very reason you're in this situation is just because you knew us! You didn't even know what we are or anything, but they still targeted you. Why do you think that is?" You stared into his blue eyes, trying to find an answer.

"No. No I don't!" You said quietly, yet it felt as if you had screamed it at him.

"Because they know you're a weakness to us! Now- on that note, what would they think your family and friends?"

Then you understood. They were your weaknesses. If they were attacked, you didn't know what you would do. If you lost your parents… or (your best friend) who knew what kind of thing you would do?

"Alright. So… I'm staying at your house then?" You sighed. Alfred nodded.

"We have an extra room upstairs. You can stay there." Alfred told you, letting go of your shoulders. You nodded.

"Ok. Then I'm going where?" You asked.

"To Washington DC. The library of Congress is there, and it has a lot of history books and language studies in there." He said. "but we might be here for a week at the most."

You just nodded again. This definitely wasn't what you had planned for your future. You had dreamed, of course, to change the world by doing some amazing things before. But never had you dreamed you would become the world.

Sorry for the wait folks, but I had graduation and family and everything to take care of, so I didn't have much time to write!!! I hope you guys didn't give up on me!

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Czech- Wow... Big Bruder is so serious...
Slovakia- When is your brother NOT serious?
Czech- Well, sis, Germany is rather relaxed when working with mechaniques
Slovakia- Oh...
Czech- anyway wishing Corsica the best :D
Slovakia- DEFO she'll need it with this lot XD
Me... I love this please continue
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