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June 12, 2012
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"GAH!" You said to Alfred on the way to your first world meeting. "I sound-a like Feliciano!" You groaned, putting your head on the table with a loud "THUNK". Alfred laughed. You hated your new Italian accent…

"I think you sound way cuter." He said. You smiled up at him. "Really!"

"Well-a Grazi." You said. "By the way, did you-a ever pick up-a on an accent?" You asked. He nodded.

"A couple of times actually." He said. "Let's see…" But he was interrupted.

"Oy!" You heard someone call from behind you. You both looked to see Bretagne coming towards you… hanging off of a very smug looking Gilbert's arm. "How's it going? Did you finish ze World War Two studies?" She asked, running up next to you, and pulling Gilbert next to her. You nodded.

"That was-a like an hour ago sorella." You said. She laughed.

"Zat Italian blood runs strong through your veins." Gilbert laughed. "You sound like Italy… only cuter." He said as an afterthought.

"Haha- told you." Alfred said with a grin. "So what's up? It's not every day we get the "awesome Prussia" around here." He said. Gilbert nodded.

"Vell sheesh! I zhought: It's little Corsica's first time, so I zhought zat I vould join you guys. Is zat a problem?" Gilbert asked. You laughed. He continued before you could speak. "So… anyvay- you and ze American are togezzer now?" he asked. You blushed a little as Alfred grabbed your arm and hugged you closer.

"We surely are partner." He said. You laughed at his country drawl. So that was his accent…  Suddenly you stopped walking. You gulped as you came face-to-face with something you never thought you would in this lifetime.

The front door of the white house.

"Wow-a!" You breathed. "I've seen pictures of it-a, but nothing like this!" Alfred smiled and took your arm into his.

"Well there's a first for everything." He said. You nodded and then the two of you followed Gil and Bretagne into the building. It was a sight to behold. The chandeliers, the carpet, everything was in top condition, and some of it had to be hundreds of years old!

"See that gun up there?" Al suddenly whispered into your ear. You saw a gun that created an X shape up on the wall with a sword of some sort… it looked familiar… a famous war or something. You nodded. "That's the gun I used in the Revolutionary war." He said. You looked at him, then back at the gun. You noticed there was a big scratch in the side of it.

"Wow-a…" You said quietly.

Finally entering the meeting room, a few voices greeted you cheerily. "Sorella! Come-a sit by us!" Feliciano said, waving you over to where he and his brother were sitting. You looked at Al- or America in this case. (You loved how his uniform looked on him by the way)

"Go ahead. I'm running it, so I havta sit up front." He said, bending to kiss your cheek. (a few whoops were heard) You nodded nervously and went over to sit by your older brothers.  Bretagne and Gilbert sat on the other side of you, next to Ludwig and then France sat on the other side of the Italian brothers.

You saw the man- Heracles- sitting across the table from you. He had a cat on his chest and was fast asleep. A man who looked very strange to you, in a cloth cap that covered his hair and neck sat next to him. His nametag on the table read "Egypt". Next to him was a handsome man (from what you could tell) with a white mask on his face. "Turkey"

Further towards the back were Kiku- or Japan, China and a few others who you assumed were from the east. Yup… the tags read "North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam" and "Hong Kong". You remembered that Hong Kong was another ne like you- not quite a country. And you instantly noticed the big headphones around his neck. You subconsciously put your hand on the locket around your neck.

"Alright so I think this meeting can convene!" Your boyfriend announced from the front. "I think I'll start- so first, let's welcome a new province, Corsica!" He said. Everyone said "hello" either enthusiastically or in a drone. Feliciano hugged you and Bretagne winked.

"Kay- now I wanted to point out that we STILL haven't solved the global warming used to enslave humanity thing so I -!"

"Oh would you shut up!" Arthur shouted from the front. "No amount of planning from you will get us anywhere!" He shouted in his thick, English accent.

"Indeed. You Englishmen aren't much better zhough! Ohonhonhon…" Francis laughed.

"Shut up cheesy monkey! Nobody asked you!" Arthur said. Suddenly it seemed that a huge explosion went off from there. Everyone was jumping around, fighting with each other and shouting insults at the top of their lungs. Feli- or Italy started running around waving a white flag. China sighed and looked at you.

"Is this how it normally is?" you mouthed. He nodded. Then smiled.

"Do you want a Chinese tasty treat?" He mouthed back, holding up a basket of various food items. You nodded eagerly. He slid the basket towards you and you looked inside.

"Oh wow!" you said. You saw a package labeled with some Chinese. You raised it up to ask what it was, but Japan was right behind you (trying to avoid human contact) and answered before you could ask.

"Corsica-san, that is Youtiao (yo- Tee- ow). It's a Chinese type of doughnut." He said. "They are quite derectabre." He said. You nodded.

"Thanks China!" you said, sliding the basket back, keeping the youtiao. He smiled and mouthed "not a problem aru"

"EVERYBODY SHUT UP!" Ludwig- Germany shouted. You all froze in place and looked at him. (A youtiao protruding from your cheek) His face was the epitome of "ticked off". "Vunce again I seem to be ze only vun in my right mind. So ve'll go on vith the meeting how it normally does. Eight minute for speeches, und vunce again, no raising your hand in a vay zat insults my countries past!" he said.  Everyone nodded, and the silence seemed to have woken Greece up even. To your surprise, Bretagne raised her hand.

"Yes?" Ludwig asked. She nodded and stood.

"I don't know how it's affected you guys, but has ANYONE else around here been attacked?" she asked. There was silence for a moment.

"Veh~ I was-a! But Germany saved me!" Italy said. Romano nodded from next to him. Another man… Sweden… nodded with a small grunt. The smaller blonde next to him nodded as well… Finland.

"Yeah- and so were Corsica and I. At the airport, they had guns." Alfred said, nodding towards you. You didn't realize he had said that towards you until everyone gasped and started asking if you were okay.

"Uh- yeah! I'm fine!" You said in a small panic. "Really!" Nobody seemed convinced, but they settled down a bit. "I'm seriously fine." You assured.

"I was attacked as well, but Gilbert and my brozer were zere and stopped zem before I noticed zey were even zere." Bretagne said. "I got lucky. But zat aside, I managed to get some information out of zem." Francis nodded.  

"Indeed she did." He said. "Basically they are some of zose crazy people who zink zat zey can take over ze world if zhey kill us off." He said with a sigh. "We caught ze current culprits, but who knows when someone else will find out about us."

"I see… kind of like the other guys, years back then?" Arthur asked. Bretagne and Francis nodded. "Well we're in trouble if they've been able to get to as many of us as they have. Even if we are secret… people always dig for them."  

Greece- Heracles nodded sleepily. "Well… I suppose we should be on our toes then…" He said sleepily, petting the cat on his head.

"Yeah… well it's still something we should keep in mind." Alfred sighed, resting his head on his hand. "I've got bodyguards for (y/n) already. And that seems to be working… so I think it's a step towards the solution… or at least towards not being killed." He sighed.

"Si- I agree with that." A man with a tag labeled "Spain" said. "And perhaps we should get some sort of communication system set up… you know, one that can't be tapped." He suggested.

"Yeah- I don't like using the government phone." Said Egypt.  "We don't know if there are people in our governments giving out information." Everyone murmured in agreement.

"We should give leetle Corsica some training… just in case. I don't feel right about letting her go without some sort of self-defense… even eef K does stick around." Bretagne sighed. Gil- Prussia nodded. "Germany..? could you do eet?"

"Vell- I vould… but vith Italy to keep an eye on, I probably von't be able to do such a great job." He sighed.

"Good point." Al- America sighed. (dang you needed to get their names down…) "I can do it. I don't really have to keep an eye on anyone right now. And Canada can help with it… he's good with a gun. So when I'm in doing work…"

"I can help with her shooting." Matt- CANADA (ugh!) said. "If she's okay with that…"he said. You nodded.

"Yeah- I'm good with that." You sighed. "I'm no good with a gun, so I'd really appreciate it." You smiled at M-Canada. (wow- he was noticed guys!)

"Canada! How long have you been there bro-ha?!" Alfred said, pointing to his twin. Canada sighed and you gave him a sympathetic look while France patted his back.

And that was how you ended up in Canada. Sure… they spoke French… which weirdly made you feel better. But the polar bear in the back yard didn't.

"Don't worry. Kumajiro's mom won't do anything to you unless you threaten her." Matthew had assured. You nodded.

Training was intense too. Alfred, to your slight dismay, had you run every morning. Then you would spar. You were so bad at it at first, that he actually called Kiku for help. Luckily, the Japanese man was very patient with you for a whole week. So by the end of it, you considered yourself black-belt worthy.

The strength you had gained as a province was also interesting. Before you had trouble running laps at school, but now you could easily run a mile without breaking a sweat. Sparring was cool too.

Then late in the afternoon, Matthew would work on your marksmanship. You felt pretty confident after a week or so. K would give you a few tips too when he was around. (which was a lot of the time. Ugh.) Even Germany came to help you out a bit for a few days, but had to go back after that.

But your favorite was archery. Matthew and surprisingly… Feliciano were great teachers in the subject. (Well he was a country. He had to be good at something other than cooking and painting.) You loved how quickly you caught on.

Finally, you had to leave for France. A mixture of fear and anticipation filled you as you met with france at the airport (K following at a distance. Ugh.)

"Alright soeur." Francis said. "We leave in five minutes. I'll go speak to ze pilot." You nodded. Bretagne was close behind him and nodded towards America with encouragement. You gulped.

"Well… I-a guess this is-a it." You sniffled. Alfred smiled at you softly, then pulled you into a tight hug.

"You'll be fine. You're a natural at everything." He said. You felt tears coming to your eyes as you heard it.

"Except-a sparring." You sniffled. "I'm going to-a miss you-a!" You cried into his shoulder, inhaling the leather scent of his signature bomber jacket. Tears finally let themselves stream down your cheeks. Alfred hugged you tightly in silence for a minute or so, then pulled away just enough so that he could look you in the eye.

"I'll miss you too. But don't forget that I'm only a phone call away." He kissed you firmly on the lips, and you melted into it. After a moment you finally parted. He wiped your tears gently from your cheeks. "Don't forget to call as much as you can. Remember- we can make this work." He said. You nodded slowly and hugged him tightly again.

"Ti amo Alfred." You whispered. He smiled and kissed the top of your head.

"I love you too (y/n)." He said gently.

As you boarded the plane, you waved back at Alfred, who blew you a kiss. You blushed and blew one back. You didn't stop looking at him, even when the plane started down the runway, until he was completely out of sight. Then you sighed heavily and sat back down in your seat, buckling as the signs told you to.

"Are you alright soeur?" Francis asked, handing you a handkerchief. You hadn't realized that you were still crying. You thanked him and wiped your eyes.

"Yeah… I'm just-a… gonna miss him-a…" You breathed. Francis's eyes softened and he hugged you lightly around the shoulders. (he smelled like cologne…)

"It weel be alright petite soeur." He said. "All you need ees love. And you weel be fine." He said. You nodded.

"Si…" You sighed, looking out the window to see America getting smaller beneath you. "After all-a…" you sighed. "We have-a an eternity to love each other-a… right?" you asked. Francis and Bretagne smiled at each other. "and I-a guess… we don't need to-a see each other all of-a the time… to know how-a we feel." You said, trying to firm your own resolve. You looked at Bretagne, who was in the same situation as you. In love with a man she rarely could see. She nodded to you.


Alfred sighed as he listened to a lecture by the old prez himself. He couldn't care less at the time about whatever was going on with corn prices… He could only think of (y/n). She had left almost a month ago… and he hadn't heard from her.

Suddenly his phone went off. He looked down to see "Unknown caller" on it. He sighed. Well… anything to get out of this…

"Sorry dudes- Gotta take this." Ah, the perks of being America itself.

He retreated into the hallway and hit "Send" then put the phone to his ear. "H'llo? You've reached Alfred Jones." He said.

"Alfred… It's-a me." Came (y/n)'s voice. A huge grin spread across the Free country's face.

"(y/n)!" he cried in happiness. "Oh I haven't heard from you! How are you? Is something wrong? Do you need a hero?" he asked. She giggled.

"Nope. Everything is-a fine Al." She said. "I just-a wanted to-a call you. And tell you-a something." She said. Alfred smiled. She sounded so cute with that accent…

"And what would that be?" he asked, pushing hair out of his face as he blissfully leaned against the wall.

"Ti amo Alfred." She said. Alfred blushed faintly and smiled even more.

"Love you too (Y/n)." He said, peeking into the room of congressmen. "And it'll be our little secret."
IT'S UP!!!!

Kay... took a while, but here is the final chapter of "MY SECRET"
Yeah- I'm sorry the ending chapter sucks so bad... But I tried to keep it cute (ish) romantic like.

Thank you to all that have followed this story to it's very end! I really can't express how much it means to me that someone ACTUALLY likes my writing. SO thank you!

I'll be doing a RussiaXreader on request after this, but after that I've got nothing. So if your one of the first three to comment a request, I'll fulfill those requests. (I do drawings too people.)

Thanks again!!

Chapter 1-->[link]
Chapter 2-->[link]
Chapter 3--> [link]
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Chapyer 5--> [link]
Chapter 6--> [link]
Chapter 7-->[link]
Chapter 8--> [link]
Chapter 9-->[link]
Chapter 10 -->[link]
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