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June 9, 2012
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After forcing you to fess up and then making you eat at least fifty scones (well… it was only three, but it felt like so many more than that…) Arthur sent you to bed. He wasn't as mad when Alfred explained what you had done, but he was mad that you hadn't at least told him. He could have helped with the distraction.

You appreciated that he cared too, but you also thought of what a nightmare it would have been if he HAD gone. One thing was for sure: you and Alfred wouldn't have been able to tell each other how you felt.


One week later,  You and Alfred were getting ready to board a plane that would take you to Washington DC. Arthur and Matthew were going to- well Canada. Some sort of emergency was happening there. The phone call had consisted of something about polar bears and maple syrup. That's all you knew.

"I'm sorry we can't accompany you." Arthur said. Matthew nodded.

"Good luck though, and we'll see you at the world meetings, eh?" Matthew asked. You nodded happily.

"Of course!" You said, hugging both of them. "Thank you for everything!" You said. Both blushed a bit.

"It was no problem (Y/n)." Matthew said kindly.

The plane left at around 3:30… so you were expected to land around 5:00 that night.  You felt a little uneasy as you started to board and found yourself surrounded by soldiers and on a private plane!

"America sir." The men all saluted and greeted. You were amazed at how important everyone acted like Alfred was… and of course, he was. He was the United States of America. Land of the free, Home of the brave… that America. You had to keep pinching yourself when one or two of them called you "Lady Corsica".

"I thought we were a secret." You whispered as you sat in one of the chairs. It was unusually comfy for a plane…

"These guys are some of the most well-trained professionals in our military. They are in charge of keeping us a secret." He said. You nodded.

"So what are we doing in DC again?" You asked. He looked at you seriously.

"We're going to study up on your history, and we'll meet a tutor that will help you with the French and Italian stuff." He said. "They're gonna help you adjust too."  

"France?" You asked hopefully. You prayed it wouldn't be a stranger… France was your older brother after all…

"Nope. Your older sister, Bretagne." He said with a smile. "See, she went through the same thing you did."

"Really!?" you asked with a giant grin. "So she knows everything…?"

"Basically, yes. But she's not as young as you… she's around a hundred or something. So she's a bit… old fashioned. But she's nice." You nodded.

"What's she like?" You asked nervously. He thought for a moment.

"Kind of quiet… but she knows how to keep things under control. Friendly too, when she likes you. If she doesn't, she really lets you know." He shuddered. You gulped. She obviously was scary to get a reaction like that out of Alfred. Alfred must have noticed your face, because he smiled and hugged you closer. "Don't worry though! She'll definitely like you!"

"So… did she get blood donated to her too?" you asked. Alfred nodded.

"She was a friend to us too." He smiled. "She actually was our caretaker- well sort of our landlady. We stayed in her house during wars and stuff." He said. "One of us fell in love with her, not too shocking though." he laughed. You raised an eyebrow.

"Who was that?" You asked. Alfred looked at you for a moment.

"Gilbert." He smiled. You stared.

"Whaaaat?!" you asked, sitting up straighter. "Are you saying that Gil wasn't lying when he said that he had a girlfriend far away?" Alfred nodded. "Man… I feel bad. I thought he was lying…"

"Yeah, well if I hadn't known better I wouldn't have believed him either." Al laughed. "but you can tell when they're together… when they can be." He sighed. You looked at him, and suddenly you thought of something.

You and Alfred were together now… that was something you couldn't be any happier about. But what about when you took on the duties of being a nation or whatever? What then? Would you be able to see him? Well of course… at the world meetings, but that wasn't the same from what you heard. And what if France and America went to war for some reason? Not that it was something you felt was too possible…

"Alfred…" you started, looking at him. He locked your gaze and was horrified to see that tears had welled in them.

"(y-y/n)!! what's wrong?! Did I scare you? Bretagne isn't that scary…!"

"No- I just… what will happen to us when I go to France?" you asked, hugging his arm closer. "Will we still be together?"

Alfred's eyes softened. "Of course we will. I wouldn't have it any other way." He said, hugging you and kissing your hair. "I mean- yeah, it'll be a little rough… but it's nothing we can't handle." You smiled up at him and nodded.

"Yeah, we can do it." You agreed.


After sleeping and talking and sleeping, you and Alfred finally arrived at your destination. You both stood and stretched while the bodyguards around you started to check on the status- whatever that meant- and then you were led off of the plane. You only had a small backpack of things to carry around anymore, so you were happy to not have to worry about luggage.

"Alright, so when we meet Miss Bretagne, then you'll be free of everyone but me." Said one of the men who was rather tall and large in stature. Jet black hair covered his head and a fair few scars were visible on the tanned skin of his neck, face and forearms. You guessed he had more, but his uniform covered them. In all honesty, he scared the crap out of you. "Oh- and I'm captain K." he said, holding his hand out to you. You took it and shook.

"K?" you asked. He nodded and smiled. He still looked scary.

"That's right." He said. "My job is to keep you safe… kind of a personal body guard." He explained. You nodded once. That explained it.

"Alright then... K." You smiled. "you can just call me (y/n)." You said. He smiled.

"Let's move out!" he said. The men around you all stood at attention. It made you feel a little nervous. You held onto Alfred's arm tightly. He looked down at you and smiled reassuringly.

"it's alright. They always do this at airports cuz of terrorists and stuff." He said. You gulped. And that was supposed to make you feel better?!?!

Walking through the gate, everything went smoothly. But even still, you wouldn't let go of Alfred's arm. You were probably making it go numb, but that was okay… or at least he wasn't complaining.

Suddenly, as you all got outside of the airport, you heard a loud bang. Alfred covered your head and tackled you to the ground as the bodyguards all gathered around  you. You felt like everything was in a daze as you tried to collect what was happening around you. You looked down at yourself to see that your shoulder was bleeding profusely. You looked up at Alfred, who was looking at you with horror in his blue orbs.

"(Y/N)!" you heard him shout. Everything snapped into focus then and you felt your eyes go wide. You sat up instantly and felt pain explode in your shoulder. You watched as Alfred ripped the bottom of his shirt off and started to wrap it around the wound.

"Get them out of here!" You heard K shout. "We can't fight them all without all of us- Who is that?" He suddenly asked. You peeked past his leg to see what he was talking about.

The men who had shot at you suddenly weren't even looking at you. They were… preoccupied.

A woman with mid back-length auburn hair with a large, white bow to the side of her temple was there. She had her back to you, but you saw that she wore a purple-ish blue coat and red pants to go with it. Just like Francis wore all of the time. Black boots went to her mid-calf. She leaped forward and attacked the men, gracefully knocking the men's guns away with a small knife.

You watched in amazement as the soldiers all ran forward and took the men into custody. The woman brushed auburn bangs from her face, and you saw a curl sticking out from the left side of her hair. She looked right at you. You gasped to see that her left eye was brown, and the other was hazel.

"You must be Corsica." She said with a smile. You nodded.

"Y-yes… I'm (y/n)." You stuttered. She laughed. It was a little ringing… like chimes or something. She held out a small hand to you.

"Hello soeur, I'm Bretagne. It's nice to finally meet you!" She said in a thick, French accent, suddenly hugging you. You were a little shocked for a moment, but patted her small back in response. She was freaking tiny! Like- a hundred pounds at the most! But she had a very muscular build, you could tell. But it was so weird how she went from such a powerful looking person, to a totally friendly and even bubbly person.

"H-hi!" You said. "Nice to meet you…!" You said. She pulled away and nodded.

"Oh eet ees so great to 'ave a little soeur!" she said with a huge smile. You nodded.

"It's great…to have an older sister…!" You said, unconsciously gripping Alfred's hand. Bretagne nodded. Then she looked to Alfred.

"Well… Haven't seen you in a while America." She said stiffly with a nod. Alfred nodded back.

"Yeah- How've you been?" he asked. She smiled… kind of in a scary way. Like Ivan used to at school…

"Oh I 'ave been well." She said. "Now… let's get your bodyguard and get out of here." She said. You nodded and looked at Alfred. He nodded and stood up, holding his hand out to you. You took it and stood. You felt a little dizzy at the blood loss, but forced yourself to get over it.

After a little while, you finally were professionally bandaged and were off to check into the hotel room you would be staying at. You were going to room with Bretagne and Alfred was stuck with K. (You actually felt bad for him just because K was so intimidating)

"Wow Al! You really know how to pick rooms! The view is gorgeous!" You said as your said boyfriend plopped your bag onto your bed.

"only the best for my girl!" He said. You giggled and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks." You said as you hugged him. "For everything. And remind me later to get you a new shirt." You said. He laughed.

"Ahahaha! I don't need a new one! It's all in the life of a hero!" he said confidently. You smiled.
You know... this ones long. But once again, alot happens. So bear with me. (and Alfred ^^)

Aaaannywho, I hope you all keep reading after this totally lame attempt at some action!!! @.@ took a while.

Oh- and forgive me. Bretagne (Breh-tah-nya) is an OC of mine. But she really is a province in france that was once a part of the Teutonic knights. XD So she's real. I might make a picture of her if you guys really want, but for now I'll leave it. So ... ja.

Enjoy! We only have one chapter left!!!!!!

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