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April 9, 2012
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The next day you found yourself driving as quickly as you could to school. You had slept in because you had stayed up so late doing your project with Alfred and had missed your alarm.

"I hope Al didn't suffer for helping me." You sighed as you hit another stop light. Leaning your head on your hand, you  looked at the clock on the dashboard. 8:28. you had two minutes to get to class and you still had five minutes of driving left! How could you ever-?!

Suddenly your phone went off, singing the familiar song of "Hero" by Skillet. You smiled, knowing who it was. You pushed the earpiece into your ear and pushed the send button.


"(Y/N)????!!" Alfred cried over the phone. You almost cringed at the worry in his voice… and volume.

"H-hey Al. What's up?" You stuttered nervously.

"Where are you?! Class has started! Are you sick?!" He demanded. Of course he would assume something like that. You never were late for school or class unless you were dying or something.

"I'm on my way- I accidentally slept in." You sighed into the mouthpiece. "Sorry- could you tell them traffic was bad?" You asked.

"Sure- but you'll owe me again." Alfred chuckled into the phone.

"I will buy you a full course meal at McDonalds." You said.

"IT'S A DEAL!" he cheered before hanging up. Smiling, you hit the end call button.

"Well that's one less thing to worry about." You sighed as you finally turned into the school parking lot. You parked your car and quickly grabbed your project and ran inside.

"Alfred Jones, if you would come to the front. You're next to go." The history teacher said as you slipped in through the door. Quickly you sat in your seat, hoping that no one noticed you. You put your project on the ground next to you and your essay on your desk, just as everyone else had. You watched as Alfred picked his up and put it on the board. You gasped at the professional detail he had put into the project. It was so neat and organized, a trait that he himself lacked. How did he do that…?

"The tradgedy of John F. Kennedy took place on-!" But he was cut off as a crash resounded from outside the room and one of your best friends Feliciano Vargas came flying into the room, Ludwig Bellschmit and Kiku Honda close behind him.

"Sir- I'm'a sorry, but we need to take Am' Alfred right away! It's an emergency!" Feliciano panted. You realized that he looked like he had been crying. Your teacher sighed.

"If it's another football meeti-…" but Ludwig cut him off, in a frantic voice that didn't quite suit him.

"No sir! This is far more pressing than football sir! A friend of ours vas just caught und a terrible car accident! Ve must take Alfred now!" He said. You gasped along with Alfred. Who had gotten in an accident? Were they okay? Was it Lovino? Where was he? What about Gilbert? Or Elizibeta??? Where were they?

In unison, you and Alfred stood and dashed out the door, leaving your projects on the floor where they were. You followed the group as you all ran down the hallway.

"How did it really happen?" Alfred asked almost quietly as you reached outside of the school. Ludwig looked back at him for a split second before you all continued your run down the street.

"She vas T-boned. But it vasn't an accident Alfred. She was shot 3 times in ze stomach. They were after her from the start."

"Who would do that?!" You cried, but Kiku continued on from that.

"We are not sure who managed to figure us out, but from what we can terr, they want you." You looked at Alfred with fear. Who wanted him? Did they want to kill him?! What were they talking about?!

You all piled into Ludwig's infamous Kuublewagon and took off at who-knew-how-many MPH. You arrived at a hospital within ten minutes and went inside. The halls were bustling with activity as nurses and doctors rushed about in the ER. One of the nurses saw you all standing- unsure of what to do and rushed up to you.

"Are you here for the girl that was attacked?" She asked. You all nodded at once.

"Yeah- how is she? Whats'a going on? Is she okay??" Feliciano asked frantically. The nurse looked at him.

"She's lost so much blood, but we're having trouble finding any to give her because she's O-type. It's rare, so we don't have enough of it to sustain her. But we're doing the best we can!" She assured. But you had heard that on movies you and your friends had watched.

"Oh go- guys! What kind of blood do we have?" Alfred cried. Everyone looked at each other. "I don't have O! I have AB positive!" He cried.

"I Haff B negative." Ludwig sighed.

"don't know what I have… B I think." You said sadly. Suddenly you were all interrupted as a familiar voice came from behind you.

"I have O-type." Francis Bonnefoy said as he came up swiftly. "I just got the call. Is she okay?"

"She's rost too much brood and they don't have enough!" Kiku said. Francis nodded.

"I have O-type too!" Feliciano said quickly. The nurse looked at the two.

"Alright, we might need more than what you can give, but it's worth a shot." She said. The two nodded and followed her quickly. You heard Feliciano say

"If my brother's here- he has O too!" He said. The nurse said something, but you couldn't hear it now. They were too far away.

"Well- I guess we wait now." Alfred said quietly as you all let out a long breath that you had somehow been holding without knowing it.

When you had all seated yourselves in the waiting room, it felt cold all of a sudden. You shivered a little and huddled a little closer to Alfred and Ludwig, who hadn't seemed to notice. It figured though, they were in shock just as you were.

Suddenly the door opened and you all looked up to see the nurse that you had spoken to earlier. She had a bright beam on her face.

"She's stable!" A huge sigh of relief went around the room from you and all your friends. "Your three friends ah- Feliciano, Francis and Lovino gave a lot of blood, but in the end it saved her life!" The nurse said cheerfully.

"Can ve see her?" Gilbert (who had joined you previously) asked. The nurse nodded.

"If you would follow me please." She said. All of you got up and started to follow the nurse down the hallway to a door at the far end. Just as you reached it, you realized that you still didn't know who had even gotten in the accident! You looked at Al and began to ask, when you found yourself in the room.

Three chairs were occupied by Lovino and Feliciano with Francis on the end. They had cotton balls pressed to their arms where the blood had been drawn. You smiled at them and then turned to the bed and gasped.

In the bed, lying on the white, crisp sheets, looking as dead as a doornail….
      Was you.
:iconyayamericaplz::iconsaysplz: DUDE! I NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED THIS WOULD BE LOVED!

:iconkandaluvr::iconsaysplz: IKR?? I'm almost thinking its like some sort of prank that someone was all "lets mess with Kandaluvr cuz we do things like that!"
:iconsexyamericaplz::iconsaysplz: We're on a rollllllll~

:iconyayamericaplz::icontrollfaceplz::iconkandaluvr::iconsaysplz:THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

And remember that I won't keep writing without enough feedback, cuz I'm lazy like that and need motivation!

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Chapyer 5--> [link]
Chapter 6--> [link]
Chapter 7-->[link]
Chapter 8--> [link]
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